Thursday, October 4, 2007

Berlin Seminars, 02 - 04. Nov. 07

Aikido Seminars in Berlin
Takeda Satoshi Sensei 6th. Dan
November 02-04-2007

Detlef Raduntz and Thea Spiridonidou of Aikido Fur Alle Dojo Berlin are honored to once again return to Germany, Takeda Satoshi sensei, to conduct a series of seminars related to Aikido and Japanese Budo.

These seminars are offered to express the open and free nature in the movements of Aikido. Students of Aikido, regardless of Aikido rank or background are very welcome and encouraged to attend.

Seminar Address : Aiki Dojo Berlin, Kienitzer str. 98 Berlin-Neukolln.

Seminar Times : Fri.18 - 20h. Sat, Sun.11 -13h and 16 - 18h.

Contact : Detlef & Thea. Tel: 0162 / 2108556, 0173 / 6361841

Email :


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